Mission Statement

Who dares to teach should never cease to learn


POI4 Highlights

POI4 is a Community of professionals in Teaching, Consulting, Startup, Build-Up & Media Creators, Crypto Wallet, Mining & Exchange Specialists, Construction, Tourism, Services, Sports domain and Learning Space.


POI4 Objectives

Regardless in which branch you are e.g. Teaching, Consulting, Tourism, Build-Up, Construction & Services, etc. domain, teaching and learning is always the same cycle, so our clients, who may be both, our community members which exchange experiences as well as our clients. I am glad that we have been brought together and that we want to make something better. This is not just some anonymous community but the best that I know in your personal domain. Discover yourself and meet other members. For all hard-working people, there will always be a place at POI4 domain. We should make some effort and make this POI4 Collaboration Plan working, in order to meet our goals. In our humble opinion, a beautiful idea, as well your positive reactions when you heard about it for the first time.


What POI4 actually means?

It means POI4 everything that you could possibly imagine, like few main examples:
- POI4 Learning
Example: Point of Interest for Learning Space. Teachers are the content makers
- POI4 Development
- POI4 Consulting
- POI4 Remote
- POI4 Crypto e.g. Wallet, Mining & Exchange Server Specialists
- POI4 Construction
- POI4 Tourism e.g. Booking, Tours travels
- POI4 Services e.g. Electricians, Housekeeping e.g. Cleaning, Renting
- POI4 BigData
- CMS, Admin & Web/Mobile/VR Functionalities for:
POI4 Contact
POI4 Meeting
POI4 Collaboration
POI4 360 e.g. 360Degree of View
Camera View, VR Teaching, 360 Point of View, Complete Point of View
POI4 Startup
POI4 Media e.g. Build-Up & Media Creators

As well as POI4 3th Party Services, such as:
POI4 Singing
POI4 Foto
POI4 Bike
POI4 Motors
POI4 Cars
POI4 Yoga
POI4 Volley
POI4 Handball
POI4 Basket
POI4 Bowling
POI4 Darts
POI4 Soccer
POI4 Room
POI4 Hotel
POI4 Hostel
POI4 Motel
POI4 Restaurant
POI4 Bar
POI4 Sales
POI4 Shipping
POI4 News

POI4 what you want to be.